Portale Offerte Helper is a tool that helps companies transmitting more quickly and efficiently their commercial offers to the Portale Offerte web portal run by the Italian authority Acquirente Unico.

Portale Offerte web portal was established by the Law 124/17 and has been active since July 1, 2018.

On this web portal, multi-utilities are required to publish their offers, and these offers must comply with certain publication standards by law.

Portale Offerte Helper is a technology specifically made for companies working in the multi-utility sector.

Portale Offerte Helper allows you to generate XML files complying with the standards set by the Acquirente Unico authority.

Thanks to a guided and simplified form, the user can:

  • Download the XML file and send it to the Portale Offerte web portal;
  • Archive it in your company profile;
  • Quickly retrieve the offer from the archive and modify it.

When the terms of an offer change, instead of completely fill in the form again, it is possible to retrieve a previous version and only modify the parameters that have undergone a change. This significantly speeds up offers’ creation.

Portale Offerte Helper is an extremely flexible engine that adapts to every business need, such as:

  • the integration with internal systems;
  • the automatic generation of offers starting from the data mapped in the company database;
  • the automatic submission of an offer.

The tool has a multi-user and multi-company support: if a multi-utility has several subsidiaries in its group that deal with different supplies, Portale Offerte Helper supports the creation of custom user profiles to cover all possible variables.